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About Me

That’s me on the right. I am running the full coaching programme and the dry land parts of the retreat. That’s Agnes, on the left who will be in charge in the water.

I’ve had the privilege and joy to be working with women in the music business since 2007, 5 years into my coaching career,  when I co-created a coaching and peer networking programme for 12 women with leadership potential in the music business for the Music Publishers Association. It was the first time I had worked with an entire group of music women at once and I took one step into the room on the first day and felt like I’d come home.

That group was a glorious thing because of the women in it and the women championing it. During the 9 months of the course many of them secured new jobs, big and much deserved pay rises and made connections and friends for life. Three of them have since been honoured in the Queen’s Honours Lists. Several even extended that friendship to me and it’s been a prize worth more than diamonds to have a set of amazing music biz women in my corner.

In fact that’s one of the inspirations for making this programme. Because I want more women in the music industry to have those solid and inspiring connections that last more than a decade. I also want to do whatever I can to overturn the reality that we loose far too many of our best and brightest people to burnout (and worse) every year. So many people quit the business because it’s just too much. This programme is one of my answers to that industry wide problem. (I also volunteer for Music Support, to help create safe hubs for artists, managers and crew behind the scenes at Festivals).

Since that first programme in 2007 I’ve had the privilege of working with a lot of women in music. I’ve worked with artists - signed and unsigned, songwriters, managers, freelancers, executives and chief executives of music organisations.

I coach one to one and I coach collaborative and business partners. Last year I co-facilitated the two gatherings at Tallinn Music week and BIME of the 60 women in the Keychange project, a pioneering international initiative to transform the future of music whilst encouraging festival and music organisations to achieve a 50:50 gender balance by 2022.

I also wrote some articles for Keychange – including this one about Music and Mental Health where I lay out why developing the skills I’m packing into this programme is so necessary.

If you have questions about this programme – there’s nothing else like it out there so it would be natural - please message me. I’m a delight to talk to (I’m told). Also, let me put this out there - if you’re in the middle of or at the end of therapy of some kind, that just tells me you’re doing the work to be healthy and I salute you. My coaching goes just fine with whatever other therapy work you’re doing to be the best you that you can. Message me, we’ll chat.