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Building long and strong careers in the Music Industry

Self Care - Resilience - Career Longevity



Women in Music Programme:
September 2019

An inspiring coaching programme + retreat to give music industry women the tools for career longevity, resilience and self-management in a new community and network of like-minds.

10 week group and individual coaching programme

+ 3 day Budapest water therapy retreat

This programme is for you if:

•    avoiding music industry burnout is an issue for you

•    you love what you do but wonder how much longer you can keep at it
•    you have a big project/goal in mind and want some input and support from other women who 

get what it takes to succeed in music
•    you want to build strong supportive connections and structures for yourself

to sustain you as you continue to grow in the industry


How does it work?

Receiving Coaching, Well-being and Career Longevity tools and strategies within a  Safe and Supported Peer Network 

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Retreat + Coaching Programme

End the busy summer months of the music industry with a nurture based spa retreat in Budapest's outdoor natural spa.  A unique, grounding experience surrounded by like-minded women which kicks off a 10 week structured but flexible coaching programme.

This virtual group coaching programme, starting with a 3-day, women-only retreat in Budapest will cover participants' physical, emotional, creative, professional and financial self care.  

Over the three days of the retreat, the select group of women will be supported and led by me, a creative industries coach with a women in the music business specialism and Agnes Beregszaszi, our water therapist. With over 30 years combined experience in our fields, we have supported the professional development and mental well-being of hundreds of women through our tried and test skills. 

Self Care and Career Longevity

The grounding retreat will specifically focus on career longevity, helping women in music (artists, songwriters, managers and wider industry) manage their emotional well-being and resilience in an industry that often does not afford time for self-care or stability.

The purpose of the transformational coaching programme that follows is to build community and allow participants to experience pursuing an important (or even bold!) professional goal using peer support and group wisdom at the same time as establishing well-being habits that will last well past the programme, so participants have a proven and practised model for creating sustainable career development and longevity.

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The Coaching Process

You will walk away from this programme with:

- insights, tools, resources and practices to support growing your resilience and career in the long term

- a crystal clear understanding of: 1)  how you work and collaborate best, 2) who you are being in you career when at your best and 3) how you get to do and be your best as effortlessly as possible the majority of the time.

We’re going to cover some ground. It is also going to be fun. And there are breaks and flexibility built in.

So, to make sure you get EVERYTHING you need and that I have to offer, I have a system. It’s held lightly, and it’s flexible (because often music careers require it) but it’s there to support and contain the powerful feminine energy created by a journey such as this. Over the 3 days of the retreat and the 10 weeks of the programme, we will move through the following process:


The Process:

  • Becoming very clear about what you need enough of to thrive. How would your life be if you had enough support, energy, inspiration, connections, income, time?

  • Establishing what your music life looks like as part of your whole life. What makes you tick? How do you handle money, self-care, setbacks, being visible, collaborating, leading?

  • Loving your strategy and getting it supported. Once we know what you’re creating, we’ll create a values-aligned plan and then get your inner wisdom, the group’s collective wisdom and energy to support you in...

  • … Creating a path of inspired action steps and taking them. Small actions are enough for big results when they’re inspired by your intuition and taken consistently, and you feel supported through the rough parts where usually you might get stuck.

  • Discovering your Practice. To build self-trust we start with self-care. To build trust in the world we start with intuition, inspired action and building community. Will power and pushing alone aren't sustainable . Rituals, daily practice, working from a place of feeling supported do.


Why Combine Water + Coaching?

(And what about the Water Therapy?)

Studies show that when immersed in water the body responds by creating a hormonal balance similar to that found during relaxation or meditation. Just being in water decreases our stress levels.

Other studies have shown that simply touching a hard object increases mental and psychological inflexibility. What might happen if we do our coaching work and self care in the water? My experience tells me the answer is - amazing things! Whenever I have taken business partner or creative collaboration clients to do coaching work in the water, they have always finished ahead of schedule and have achieved so much more than they imagined.

Water is truly a magic ingredient.  And using Water Therapy as part of the retreat group work adds to that. 

Agnes says: Being in the water together with other women gives a real boost to our capacity for intuition and self-grounding. It enables us to model building healthy relationships with boundaries and how to accept and give support. 

During the course of the workshops in the thermal water of one of Budapest’s natural spas, participants will be coached through ‘reinhabiting’ their water element, connecting to our very first experiences on Earth. Through pair work, you will be introduced to the basics of giving aquatic relaxation sessions. This is a unique experience, bringing both giver and receiver into total presence, opening windows to levels of relaxation rarely available otherwise. 

The water therapy sessions create a calm within and a connection between participants that deepens the group coaching elements and the sense of community. 

Water therapy sessions will be  led by Agnes.  Coaching sessions will be led by me, Tamara.


The workshop is safe for everyone. The aquatic part takes place in a 36 °C thermal pool which is 110 cm deep. If you are comfortable with dipping your face into water in this waist deep pool, that is enough for relaxed participation. 

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Natural  thermal waters

All the benefits of warm spa water for well-being and relaxation. 

Water Therapy

Promotes grounding, boosts intuition and models giving and receiving support 


Tamara always seemed to find an easy and effortless answer to problems I have had for months or even years. And even better, now, I have learned to solve such problems by myself. I absolutely recommend Tamara's coaching to everyone who is ready to have a new and relaxed creative working career.  I didn't know I could have one until I got it.

Music Manger

Tamara helped me to take the steps I was afaid to take, and it made my self-belief stronger. Somehow it made my vision clearer and gave me a sense of calmness about my decisions.

Eivør Palsdottir, Singer and Songwriter


aThe most directly useful outcome from participating in PRS' Keychange programme to my personal development in the business was being introduced to Tamara Gal-On.

Since working with Tamara i feel like everything is falling into place with no effort. The focus on developing and trusting my intuition has led to me making good decisions.  They are not always easy decisions but now I have courage to really trust my inner voice.

Lynden Campbell, Head of Synchronisation, Domino Publishing Co Ltd

Saara Aalto, Singer and Songwriter


Is this programme and retreat calling to you?

If it is, I'd love to hear from you. (Trust your gut.  Following your intuition is always a good plan!)  


To apply (or maybe you have questions) contact me and we can find a time for a chat.